Where do you deliver?2018-11-12T08:49:15-07:00

Please click here for the exact delivery boundaries.

Is there a minimum order?2019-01-09T09:29:21-07:00

5 bentos is the minimum order.

Can I order the same day?2019-02-11T14:46:55-07:00

No. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance as all of our bentos are made from scratch.

Can I special order?2018-09-28T20:45:22-07:00

Our selection of bentos can accommodate gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and vegetarian diets.

Is delivery free?2019-02-11T14:46:06-07:00

Yes, but tips are appreciated.

Are the bento boxes microwaveable?2019-02-11T14:45:09-07:00

Yes for 15 to 30 seconds only!!!

Can we keep the bento boxes?2019-02-11T14:49:20-07:00

No, but we are happy to order your own box for $30.00.