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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?2023-04-03T17:49:47-06:00

Yes. We are zero waste, so not only do we deliver and set up your order, we also pick up the tableware when you are finished.

Can I order the same day?2023-04-03T17:48:49-06:00

No. Every order is made from scratch. Therefore we need at least 48 hours advance notice.

Can I order over the phone?2023-04-03T17:54:09-06:00

Yes and no…we like to talk to our clients to personalize their orders. That being said, the final order will be placed through our website.

Do you provide utensils?2020-11-02T07:33:35-07:00

If you request them, we will.

Is everything on the menu?2023-04-03T17:55:15-06:00

Not by a long shot!!! That’s why we like to chat first. We can customize your order with a lot of “off-menu” items.

Do you host large events?2023-04-21T16:08:30-06:00

Yes…that’s the fun part!!! We have taken Kelley and Ping to many of our client homes and quite a few different countries. Just ask.

Anything else?2023-04-21T16:12:16-06:00

We don’t charge a delivery fee but tips are appreciated.
We love what we do!!!

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